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As an active member of this community, we encourage you to submit an article for inclusion in our blog. If you want to be a regular contributor, that would be great as well!

Don't worry if you are concerned about your writing skills. All articles can be edited and approved by you before they are published.

Just get your ideas down, preferably in 1,000 to 1,500 words - or on video, if you prefer.

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Blog submission guidelines

Thank you for proposing a contribution to The Whysmen Virtual Pub.

At the Pub, we aim to spread as much good news as possible. The Whysmen Virtual Pub is a community where dialogue is encouraged, where men can speak their truth, can truly hear other men and be heard by them. This blog an opportunity to converse on topics that we, as men, need to be having in order to create greater understanding, tolerance and harmony across the board.  We are opening doors to self-reflection and, perhaps, opportunities for men to have their perceptions challenged through global interactions. That’s where you come in.

Don’t let the following guidelines put you off! You don’t need to be a published author to submit your story. We are also here to help with a blog’s concept, construction, grammar and style.

Please follow these guidelines when writing your story.


Please provide all text as a Word .docx or .doc file. We don’t work with text in .pdf or other file types.


The ‘featured image’ is the image at the top of the story that has your headline over it. It is always landscape format. We size the featured image at 1920 pixels wide at a resolution of 72dpi.

Rather than showing a technical image, a more human or environmental picture showing the benefit of your initiative can be much more inspiring.

If you would like to use technical photos, we would suggest you use these within the story.

If you require a creative image there are many websites where you can download them free and also free of copyright restrictions. (We also prefer to credit photographers for their work as well, so please include their link.) Try, for example:,, https://pexels/com.

Note: Send all photos and graphic images as separate files, not embedded into the Word document. If necessary add a note in the text of the document, (along with any caption you may wish to include) at points where images should appear.

Note: Do not use photos or illustrations that you find on the internet, without the appropriate permission. We treat copyright infringement seriously, as do many originators. Copyright infringement can be very expensive and we do require that you confirm your legal right to use material that you supply to The Whysmen Virtual Pub.

Note: If you have photos you want to use, but are unsure as to how to change their size or resolution, (we use images at a maximum of 1920 pixels wide at a resolution of 72dpi) send them to us at via, a free service for transferring large files. We’ll convert them for you.

Story Headline

Please include an attention-grabbing headline at the beginning of your story. The best headlines are benefit-driven. It’s best not to get too technical or long-winded. Think of the overall benefit of your initiative and state it simply and concisely, in just a few words.


Use the first paragraph to briefly summarize your story in as few words as possible. This makes the story easy to scan for relevance before getting into the detail. The summary will be reproduced in bold.

Also, a cut-down version of this summary will be used as a ‘snippet’ when the story is shared on social media and when it is viewed in the story list on this website.


Nobody likes to read a solid wall of text! Best to break up your story with subheads that also lead the eye to points of interest in the story. While we may like to think that people will diligently read our story from beginning to end, that is not usually the case. We tend to scan through stories quickly and only when we our interest is peaked will we settle down to read the whole thing.

Keep it human!

This is not the place to get into highly technical content. Remember that your readers (perhaps potential clients or collaborators) may not even understand some of the technical jargon that you work with every day. This is the place to tell a story and perhaps describe benefits. If and when readers need more technical detail, they will ask for it in the comments section below or they can contact you directly – which we believe is always a better way to deal with serious inquiries.

Simple graphics

Avoid reproducing complicated or technical diagrams. They may hold information that is obvious to you but they may confuse the average reader, without adding clarity or understanding to points you are making in your story. Any graphics should be simple and should complement and/or clarify information in your story.

Invite discussion

Think about how you sign off. We see the publication of your wonderful story as a starting point for new relationships. We want this story to benefit you as well as simply informing the reader. Below each story, there is the comments section. so, ending your article with a question, for instance, can open the door to starting a conversation. Don’t waste this opportunity!

Tell us who you are

In the sidebar of each blog there is a space where your photo and a short description will be placed. Please supply a suitable headshot and description. We can also include your website link. We do not include email addresses as these can be used to spam you.


For the sake of stylistic and brand consistency, as well as content integrity, we reserve the right to edit, include and exclude material you send.

Once we have formulated your blog, we will give you access to approve it before we publish it.

We reserve the right to edit your text for style and clarification purposes. This includes minor content changes to improve your article. It may include changes to your paragraph breaks, headlines and subheads. In all cases these changes will be emailed to you for your approval prior to publishing.

We have the final say in anything published on our website. If we feel a blog requires more work, we will contact the author for a discussion and agreement on its production.

Send all files to via – a free file transfer service.