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Event Guidelines and Requirements

  • Those who choose to create and run events have the primary responsibility of attracting attendees.
  • Event creators will agree with The Whysmen Virtual Pub as to actions and responsibilities leading up to the event (regular or one-off), at the event and after the event (follow-up, sales activities etc.).
  • All event topics must be presented in writing to, and approved by, a Whysmen Virtual Pub administrator. Event creators will make themselves available for an initial discussion of the event.
  • Event creators are required to inform the Whysmen Virtual Pub as to how many people are to be approached to attend the event and to give an outline of marketing and promotional activities for the event.
  • Events on this platform are in the service of men, are free or by donation and are a Whysmen Virtual Pub marketing activity as much as they are promotional for the event organizer.
  • All events are owned by The Whysmen Virtual Pub and all donations are owned by The Whysmen Virtual Pub.
  • The content of the event and any liability that it may incur are the sole responsibility of the event creator and the event creator indemnifies the Whysmen Virtual Pub against any responsibility for any adversity that may arise or any illegality whatsoever.
  • Events will be included in Whysmen Virtual Pub events schedule on the website and event organisers will supply a link to the event page in their publicity and they will agree to host the event.
  • The event will be allocated a time that does not conflict with another event or Pub.
  • Prior to beginning an event, the host must mention the Whysmen Virtual Pub as the event platform and provide our web address for men wanting more information about becoming a member.

Event types

  • Regularly scheduled 

  • One-Off

  • Transition to Pub

Regularly scheduled events

The administrator will create a Facebook event and will post it on the Whysmen Facebook page and in the Facebook private group. Once the event is published, event creators can share it on their social media.

We use Loomly - a social media scheduling platform. All events will be scheduled on our calendar as a recurring event across all Whysmen social media platforms.

The administrator will create a post on X, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Those who are not following the Whysmen Virtual Pub on these platforms should follow us and share on these media. We will link to all events on our Facebook Page.

Event creators will inform the Whysmen Virtual Pub if there is to be an interruption of an event, at least one week prior to the next event. In all cases we need to be advised via

Events may be included in a newsletter mail out to the full community (at the discretion of the administration).

Events that fail to attract sufficient numbers over time may be retired at the discretion of the Whysmen Virtual Pub.