January 31

Scott Galloway on crises among men

Steven Bartlett's (Diary of a CEO - check it out on Facebook!) excellent interview with relationship professor Scott Galloway.

0:00 Intro

02:46 Understanding Men's Struggles & Addressing societal issues

05:18 Exploring biases in the education system affecting boys.

16:53 The impact of AI-driven relationships.

22:24 Tips for building real-life connections amidst online distractions.

26:33 Exploring the crisis in romantic relationships among men.

28:55 Analysing societal expectations affecting women's relationships.

31:41 The disproportionate focus on attractive men in online dating.

35:54 Tips for young men on making money and investing wisely.

43:13 Importance of diversification and starting early in investing.

44:21 Role of mentors in the development of young men.

50:09 Emphasising discipline and character in personal growth.

01:02:37 How moments of rock bottom lead to personal growth.

01:03:30 Importance of moderation and self-awareness in personal development.

01:05:40 Balancing career, fitness, and social life for holistic growth.

01:08:53 Addressing societal issues through economic reforms.

01:18:21 Modern interpretation of masculinity and romantic relationships.

01:23:09 Acknowledging challenges in online dating and building confidence.

01:25:22 Discussing the dynamics favouring the top 10% in online dating.

01:27:23 Importance of economic policies for genuine connections.

01:32:48 Valuing social connections in the workplace.

01:42:11 Discussing the need for regulation in AI and its impact on society.

01:45:49 AI's role in creating purpose beyond traditional work.

01:46:46 Exploring new job opportunities in the age of AI.

01:49:45 Discussing the effects of autonomous driving on jobs.

01:51:23 Analysing the positive impact of AI on job opportunities.

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Paul McCarthy

Lead community organizer at the Whysmen Virtual Pub, a global men’s community of men in service to men. 25 Years in Men's Groups and Leadership, along with the Whysmen Virtual Pub. Recent work has been in refugee sponsorship and acting as a guardian and caregiver for a disabled brother.

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